@daniel Check out this fun jazz group. Just bass, drums, and synth. Amazing what you can do with a three-piece band!

@daniel The grey one is Faye the Grey, and the orange one is still Orange Cat as of right now because we don't know the sex yet.

@daniel One thing I've noticed about Soundcloud is that there are very few LP's. It's all singles and EP's, which means that when you find an artist you like, usually that doesn't give you a ton of listening material.

@daniel I do a lot of Soundcloud browsing at work. I look at what their algorithm suggests, or I look at bands that my favorite artists follow.

@daniel That is funny but also parental neglect is not funny. I like that they included a clip at the end of an actual Sims housefire, hahah.

@Matt Yes, with Wine! Didn't take too long to set up. Much nostalgia.

I got the original Sims working on Ubuntu. I will always love this game.

Few things are more fulfilling than understanding asymptotes and graph transformations.

@daniel Hey thanks. It's nice to have something good to listen to while studying!


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