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@Matt At the risk of shattering any illusion, I'm gonna bet you guys have got a little bit of out-of-frame gear... if not a helicopter.

@Matt This is pretty impressive. Way to go team Walton 🏔️

@Chelsey Ooh, such handsome fish. Such scenic underwater environs.

Hey @Chelsey! You might want to follow @davidrshorten and @Matt to get some things in your feed—they're the main posters around here.

@davidrshorten Remember, remember, Friday the thirteenth of November...

Happy anniversary @davidrshorten and Maria! Congrats on one year! Wishing you many more years of being so cool and collected.

@Matt We did! Combo of trading camera and remote app.

The first casualty of Caleb's newfound dexterity. The contest of chaos versus order begins.

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